July 13, 2021


Our 8 Favorite Bar Pieces Perfect for your Home

When I was envisioning SAMSON...A Men's Emporium I wanted it to feel like a gentleman's lounge in the era of the Vanderbilt's.  Hand carved dark wood furniture, hand loomed rugs and of course, crystal decanters and glassware.  I come from the restaurant industry and I'm a sucker for well-made barware and incredible glassware for each style of cocktail or drink. 

The barware that we sell at SAMSON has been thoroughly used and abused in the shop during our speakeasy parties and in my home since I love to entertain.  I love the sturdiness of a cocktail shaker, the rigidity of a channel knife and the delicate feel of nice crystal glassware.  If you're ready to kick up your bar at home with a bar set that matches in style and craftsmanship and have room to house the 5 basic styles of glassware needed...come visit us and please ask us lots of questions.

We are lucky to be able to carry most of our barware from Fortessa, a leading company in all things dining, bar and flatware.  The line from Fortessa is called Crafthouse and has been designed by world award-winning bartender, Charles Joly.  All of their glassware is crystal from Schott Zwiesel in Germany that has been laced with titanium so that it's chip/break resistant and safe for the dishwasher.  Bar tools are rigid thick stainless steel with design thoughtfulness given to each tool made.

Check out my 8 favorite bar pieces perfect for your home.

1) Crafthouse Stainless Boston Shaker - $50.00

I have tried countless Boston Shakers and I've hated them because most use a glass pint glass over a stainless steel cup.  They leak and I'm just not a fan. This shaker by Crafthouse is ideal because it's two stainless steel cups that seal which gives you the confidence to shake with one hand.  I also love to use the smaller cup to muddle fruit and herbs in.

2) Crafthouse SZ Tritan Coupe Cocktail - $60.00

Although we offer up to 6 styles of glassware at the shop, I've chosen the Coupe because it's just rare enough to find and just gives that touch of the Roaring '20's that every home bar wants to achieve.  This style also features 5 sand blasted dots in the bottom of each glass that offer constant bubbles when drinking champagne cocktails.

3) Crafthouse Bar Tool Set - $90.00

Crafthouse used to offer each of the items in this set to be sold separately and no longer do.  Although there is a mixing set and a shaker set available.  There is something about this Bar Tool set that is perfection.  I love the black walnut handles and cutting board... also no one wants to cut a lime on the same cutting board that you cut raw chicken on...just keep one for the bar only.

4) Crafthouse Stainless Bar Spoon - $15.00

This long skinny bar spoon will help you mix up your cocktails in glass or a mixing glass.  I also love that they offer a micro-muddler on the end of the bar spoon.  Perfect for a little mint or fresh ginger if making one cocktail.

5) The Smoking Box - $270.00

This is the Mac Daddy of Smoking boxes.  It's won oodles of awards and allows the bartender to walk away and let the guest open their own door when their desired level of smokiness is achieved.  It includes the smoking gun and a jar of applewood chips.

6) Ribbed Glass Decanter - $120.00

Class up your bar cart or bar tray with a striking decanter.  Whether you use liquor in it or just leave it empty, the reflection on the bar will give you a classic look.  This Ribbed style comes in two heights and I love the masculine style that it brings.

7) Crafthouse Stainless Bar Tray - $70.00

Use this stunning bar tray to deliver your drinks or display.  The tray is designed for the Crafthouse collection and gives you a complete matching style to your barware.

Shop Now - https://bit.ly/3ySzSfw 

8) Crafthouse Stainless Ice Bucket With Lid - $100.00

This ice bucket is the most thoughtfully designed product that Crafthouse offers.  First off...It's oval...have you ever tried to scoop ice out of a cylinder...it's ridiculous.  The bucket is double walled so that it doesn't sweat when filled with ice.  The ice also sits on a grate that allows the melting ice to drip into the bottom, so you aren't scooping up ice water.  To top it off...the lid to the bucket has a ledge that allows you to hang it on the back of the bucket.

Shop Now - https://bit.ly/3yVTOOB

We're here if you have questions!

SAMSON began because of customer service.  I saw the lack of care and thoughtfulness in retail and after years of working in the restaurant industry and real estate, I felt like customer service was a strong suit of mine.  

So when I say to ask questions about any products in the store or in general men’s care, please hit me up and let me be of service to you.  It’s why I opened the Emporium and brings me so much joy.
Always My Best,
Travis Samson


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