Wine Aerator w/ Stand

Designed for use with a single glass or a decanter, the Wine Aerator with Stand allows for hands-free aeration that immediately improves the flavor of every bottle or glass of wine. Use the aerator with the wings to place on top of a wine glass for a single serving or remove wings to place on a decanter to aerate a full bottle of wine. The show stopping wine shower funnels the wine as you pour, to help release flavor and aroma, bringing the wine to life. The stand catches any last drips of wine, keeping surfaces clean and the removable sediment filter is easy to clean. Whether you’re celebrating with friends or simply enjoying a glass of wine after a long day, taste each sip of wine to its fullest. 

  • Hands-free aeration
  • 4-piece aerator
  • Removable sediment filter
  • Removable wings for single glass aeration
  • Stand doubles as a drip catch base
  • Hand wash clean only