Richmond Striped Cardigan Sweater - Lovat & Cream

The Richmond Cardigan is one of the latest additions to Peregrine's eye-catching Richmond collection. Made from knitted organic cotton, the Richmond Cardigan offers comfort and sophistication. Available in three options; our favourite Richmond style white stripes return in two variations of navy and lovat. This year a solid navy colourway has also been added to the collection, offering a more subtle take on a luxurious piece.

Buy less, and buy better. Fashion is the second biggest polluting industry in the world. We know we're a part of this, and while we do not believe we can ever call ourselves 'sustainable' for producing new products, we intend to do the best we possibly can to improve our sustainability credentials year on year. And so, we encourage you to buy less, and buy better.

  • 100% Organic Cotton

  • Cardigan Style with 5 buttons and swawl collar

  • Ribbed hems and cuffs

  • Striped Design

  • Fully Traceable

  • Soft Finish

  • Classic Style

  • Made in England