Frizz Expandable Wine / Champagne Cooler - Black

The Frizz cooling sleeve will efficiently chill your 750ml wine and champagne bottles so that every glass can be enjoyed at the optimum temperature and at your leisure. This wine cooler has been carefully designed with expandable elastic to closely mould to the shape of your bottles, which not only ensures that all the liquid is sufficiently chilled but also enables easy pouring. An effective gel inside the sleeve can chill a bottle in 20 minutes and keep it chilled for two hours so you won’t have to keep getting up to go to the fridge. This is the perfect accessory for any drinking occasion. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, your wine will always taste better at the right temperature.

- Guaranteed efficiency after 2 hours in the freezer
- The expandable design is capable of fitting 750ml still and sparkling bottles
- The clever shape cools all the way up to the bottle neck
- The high-performance design cools bottles in 20 minutes and keeps them chilled for 2 hours
- Bottle-hugging shape enables secure pouring
- Easy-to-clean fabric prevents condensation
- Five-year warranty