Fine and Dandy

Fine & Dandy S/S Handkerchief

Fine & Dandy is the most charming shop in NYC providing those essentials to any gentleman's wardrobe.  Their Handkerchiefs are 13x13" and suitable for a pocket square.  Finished selvedge edge in a complimenting color gives that completed look.  Some handkerchiefs are pannelled to allow two designs due to how you fold it.

Boating Panelled
Pink Gingham Seersucker
Pink Plaid Double Sided
Nautical Panelled
Bugs Cotton
Lime Ticking Stripe
Ice Cream Paneled
Musical Instruments Paneled
Neon Graffiti Paneled
Floral & Polkadot Paneled
Red Floral Paneled
Green Floral Paneled
Purple Floral Paneled
Aztec Print Cotton
Yellow Floral Cotton
Tropical Cotton
Bulldogs Cotton
Foxes Cotton
Black Anchors Cotton
Retro Sailor Tattoos Cotton
Flamingos Cotton
Fishing Tackle Chambray
Mini Paisley Cotton
Peach Gingham Cotton
Gray Check Cotton
Red White & Blue Checked Cotton
Black Striped Cotton
Charcoal Striped Cotton
Red Striped Cotton
Golden Striped Cotton
Herringbone Chambray
Multi Colored Dots Cotton
Royal Blue Linen Blend
Vibrant Chambray
Red Chambray
White Linen w Black Edge
White LInen Blend
Four Colored Edge Oxford
Black & Purple Gingham Paneled
City Planner Panelled
Outer Space Panelled
Sailor & Stripe Panelled
Ephemera Panelled
Teal Floral
Boy Scouts Panelled
Patriotic Panelled
Roses Cotton
Hunter Green Plaid Cotton
Red Tartan Flannel
Brown Check Flannel
Windowpane & Herringbone Panelled
Purple Wool
Winter Owls Panelled
Camel Wool
Check & Floral Panelled
Beaver & Thermos Panelled
Plaid Light Flannel
Cigar Labels Cotton
Windowpane & Houndstooth
Green Check Panelled
Purple Floral Cotton
Kennel Club & Blackwatch Panelled