Fine and Dandy

Fine & Dandy Handkerchief / Pocket Square

A pop of color in a suit coat or top coat or a touch of whimsy to a boring day, these pocket squares can also be used as a handkerchief.  

  • Handmade in NYC.
  • 100% Cotton.
  • Edge's finished in complimentary color
  • 13" X 13".
Pink Plaid Double Sided
Purple Floral Paneled
Tropical Cotton
Black Anchors Cotton
Flamingos Cotton
Peach Gingham Cotton
Red White & Blue Checked Cotton
Black Striped Cotton
Charcoal Striped Cotton
Red Striped Cotton
Golden Striped Cotton
Multi Colored Dots Cotton
Royal Blue Linen Blend
White Linen w Black Edge
Four Colored Edge Oxford
Boy Scouts Panelled
Kennel Club & Blackwatch Panelled
Medieval Menagerie Cotton
Tiki Cotton
Camping Bears Panelled
Peach Floral Panelled
Floral Vines & Striped Panelled
Teal Floral Panelled
Light Blue Floral & Striped Panelled
Gold Floral Panelled
Lavender Floral Panelled
City Grid Cotton
Dapper Cats Cotton
White Linen Blend
Green Floral Panelled
Rockstar Panelled
Canary & Navy Floral Panelled
Dogs in Party Hats Panelled
Blue Art Deco Cotton
Golden Check Cotton
Blue & Pink Floral Panelled
Tattoo Ladies Cotton
Periodic Table Cotton
Ivory Striped Cotton
Dance Class Cotton
Purple Floral Cotton
Gone Fishing Cotton
Sunbathers Cotton
Black & Purple Gingham Panelled
Casino Cotton
Cats Cotton
Orange Plaid Cotton
Ice Cream Panelled
Periwinkle Striped Cotton
Classic Cars Panelled
Floral & Striped Panelled