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Fine Mesh Strainer - Slate

Meet our Fine Mesh Strainer – an essential tool for craft bar programs. This little wonder works hand-in-hand with our Standard Strainer (literally) to keep those pesky ice shards and unwelcome particles out of your perfectly crafted cocktails.

Designed with an obsessive eye for detail, our fine mesh strainer doesn't just do the job – it does it in style. With its sleek and sturdy construction, it seamlessly fits with any cocktail-forward ambiance. From its ergonomic handle to its intricately woven mesh basket, every inch of our Fine Mesh Strainer is carefully crafted to match your vibe and take your  cocktail experience to the next level.

This fine strainer features high-quality stainless steel and walnut laminate accents. The steel construction guarantees durability and corrosion resistance, while the wood handle adds a touch of class, making it not only a reliable tool but also an elegant addition to your barware collection.

  • Stainless steel
  • Walnut laminate handle
  • Matte Finish
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Hanging Loops
  • Hand-wash with warm, soapy water. When using a commercial dishwasher, we suggest using a rack or basket for smaller items like our fine mesh strainer.
  • Dimensions: 

    • Height: 241mm (9.48")

      Width: 90mm (3.54")

      Weight: 226g (8oz)