Fine and Dandy

Fine & Dandy Handkerchief / Pocket Square

A pop of color in a suit coat or top coat or a touch of whimsy to a boring day, these pocket squares can also be used as a handkerchief.  

  • Handmade in NYC.
  • 100% Cotton.
  • Edge's finished in complimentary color
  • 13" X 13".
Charcoal Striped Cotton
Boy Scouts Panelled
Medieval Menagerie Cotton
Light Blue Floral & Striped Panelled
Dogs in Party Hats Panelled
Golden Check Cotton
Dance Class Cotton
Floral & Striped Panelled
BlueFloral & Mustard Panelled
Classic Cars Panelled
Neon Stripes Cotton
Moss & Tan Check Panelled
Blue Oxford
Brown & Green Check Panelled
Pop Art Cotton
Purple Floral Panelled
Black Wool
Blue Art Deco
Red White & Blue Cotton
Purple Wool
4 Colored Edge Grey Wool
Plaid Flannel
Purple Floral Cotton
Red Striped Cotton
White Linen w/ Black Edge
4 Colored Edge Oxford
Orange Plaid Cotton
Black Striped Wool
Winter Owls Panelled
Royal Blue Linen Blend
White Linen Blend
Boating Pannelled
Mushrooms Cotton
Feathers Cotton
Cornwall Blue Floral Cotton
Tonal Mini Paisley Cotton
Blue Linen
Paisley & Striped Panelled
Large Floral Cotton
Colored Pencils Cotton
Blue Gingham Cotton
Anchors Chambray Cotton
Green Linen
Travel Posters Cotton
Multi-Colored Dots Cotton
City Grid Cotton
Periodic Table Cotton
Periwinkle Striped Cotton
Ivory Striped Cotton
Multi-Color Tattersall Cotton
Sunbathers Cotton
Rockstar Panelled
Patriotic Boy Cotton
Floral Linen
Kennel Club & Blackwatch Panelled
Peach Gingham Cotton