Long Sleeve Village Crew Neck Tee - Orange

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Look as hard as you want You won’t find a finer long sleeve T-shirt anywhere else in the menswear universe. Their standard long sleeve crew neck tee packs a punch, featuring our proprietary enzyme-washed cotton jersey that’s sturdy and substantial, but never heavy. Beyond that, this shirt is outfitted with unique, robust details, including almost-indestructible seams and a durable non-stretch collar. Its slim fit means you can wear the O.N.S Village Crew Long Sleeve Tee almost anywhere, from casual professional events to weekend afternoon lounging. Pair it with jeans or chinos and you can’t miss. 


  • 100% Cotton
  • Crew neck
  • Slim fit
  • Reinforced neck binding
  • Bite stitch seams
  • Machine wash cold and gentle with like colors