Fine and Dandy

Fine & Dandy S/S Tie

Fine & Dandy is the most charming shop in NYC carrying everything a Gentleman needs in his life.  Their ties are handmade in NYC with that perfect slim width of 2 3/4".  

Foliage Chambray
Floral Embroidered Chambray
Psychedelic Paisley Cotton
Green Toile Cotton
Peach Floral Silk
Yellow Bold Striped Silk
Pink Bold Striped Silk
Grey Striped Seersucker
Grey Linen
Electric Green Floral Cotton
Raw Silk Floral
Green Birds Cotton
Electric Persian Silk
Bright Floral Cotton
Blue Florette Cotton
Patchwork Cotton
Nantucket Red Oxford
Mulberry Plaid Linen
Grey Floral Cotton
Blue Linen
Grey Glen Plaid Cotton
Blue Horizontal Striped Silk
Blue Zig Zag Striped Silk
Purple Horizontal Striped Silk
Blue & White Striped Silk
Sunflower Striped Cotton
Blue Herringbone Linen
Grey Striped Cotton
Gold Dotted Stripe
Purple & Blue Floral Silk
Blue Knots & Striped Cotton
Blue Floral Silk
Bold Blue Striped Cotton
Pink Blue Striped
Red Striped Silk
Black Striped Silk
Autumnal Striped Cotton
Midnight Blue Ribbed Silk
Blue Medallion Silk
Parrots Cotton
Brown Glen Plaid Linen
Yellow Medallion Silk
Southwestern Embroidered Cotton
Columbia Blue Herringbone Striped
Green Buoys Silk
Floral Chambray
Gold Navy Striped